😴Post-it-Love Note Sleep Talk Edition😴


😴Post-it-Love Note Sleep Talk Edition😴

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Springtime for Vincent

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Keynote: “Broad City” Showcase - MIPTV 2014

Amy Poehler, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer (“Broad City”), Kent Alterman (Comedy Central) and Caroline Beaton (Viacom) take the MIPTV stage to explore the series’ success and new opportunities created by the web impacting today’s comedy development process for TV.

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Mendl’s, from The Grand Budapest Hotel.


Mendl’s, from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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ilana wexler | season one

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John Knuth - Faded Siren (2013)

faded siren exposes billowing clouds of orange smoke from emergency flares photographed with flash that cause fractal patterns in the black night sky.

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Porn for the whole family, Brian Steinhoff

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Abbi Abrams || Broad City
I lost my phone, this guys supposed to text me. He called me hot, i’m cute but, you guys get it.”

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Sometime’s the world is a tough place, the days get to you and the nights drag on, so here’s a story of a pet penguin who goes shopping.

evangelion is real

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rachel, 20, college student, hoping to act and make something of myself.

dino dad

look at this face. awww.

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